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Install your solar system with


expert installation & system design

With more than 10 years of experience in Thailand


Services of Vsolar

VSOLAR provides services, design, and installation of solar cell systems. For all types of buildings

along with processing documents with relevant government agencies and is a leading distributor of solar cell equipment with after-sales service

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residential house

Design and installation Solar cell system for residential homes, starting at just the size of

4 kilowatt

We provide on-grid systems using micro-inverters that are highly safe, convenient to increase size and has a system to check the operation of every panel. Or choosing an

 Intelligent hybrid system that can use electricity from solar cells to be stored in batteries. For using at night or during a power outage, uses a low-voltage battery of only 48 volts, safe and inexpensive.


business building factory
Commercial building 
Livestock farm 

Vsolar calculates the nature and behavior of electricity usage of a business, factory, or organization and provides advice on installing a solar cell system. Appropriate for the use of each organization.

We install a smart, safe solar cell system with a system to cut off electricity in the event of a fire or short circuit, along with a control and display system for the operation of each panel.

We also provide system administration and maintenance services for maximum efficiency. In order to get a quick return on investment They are also requesting support from Board of Investment (BOI) for business customers as well.


Product equipment
for solar cell systems

Vsolar is the official distributor of

Hoymiles Micro Inverter

Deye Hybrid Inverter

Deye battery

Solar panel Vsolar N-Type Cell

Vsolar fiberglass walkway

3S Lift freight elevator stairs

along with many other leading products


Contact and inquire at Line id: @vsolar

New product: 3-phase hybrid inverter Deye Gen4

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