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Vsolar products and services

You can choose to view various solar system installation services, and products that Vsolar is the official distributor here. If you want to make an Appointment for a Site visit, or want to ask for more details. Please contact us at Line Official Chat id :@vsolar or click on this link

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Solar Panels Technician
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Install a solar cell system for residential houses

Start saving on your home's energy bills by installing solar panels with VSolar.

at Vsolar We have both systems with batteries, and no batteries. We always use the latest technology, such as the micro-inverter system from Hoymiles ,a safe system that  prevents fire, and allows you to see the operation of every solar panel.

Or a hybrid system with battery from Deye with Low voltage Battery system that can supply you with electricity 24 hours a day even if there is a power outage, safe and affordable.

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Install a solar cell system for your business

Electricity cost is a major and unavoidable cost for your business. 

Vsolar provides a service to survey the nature of electricity usage of businesses, and provide advice on installing the appropriate solar system with the highest efficiency and fast payback.

We also request tax deduction incentives from BOI (Board of Investment) for business customers at no additional cost. VSolar also provides After-sales services, and Maintenance. Vsolar Solar Panels have a maximum Power Output  Warranty of 30 years

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Solar cell system equipment World class quality

VSolar is the official distributor for

- Highly safe Hoymiles micro-inverter, with Module-level-Monitoring.

- Deye Hybrid Inverter and Deye Low Voltage Battery System

- VSolar brand solar panels use Tier 1 N-Type Topcon cells with higher efficiency than general cells. and guarantees electric power for up to 30 years 

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